FlashPlayer is software developed and distributed by Adobe to play video on the web. It is used universally and is available to anyone free of charge.
(1) Only download FlashPlayer from this site [ http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ ] as there are other advertised sites many of which attach malware with their downloads.
(2) Take care to tick or un-tick the checkboxes before clicking on the download now button to make sure you only download what you need. (eg. do you want "McAfee Security Scan Plus")

If you want to check if Flashplayer is enabled or installed on your browser then click here [ http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/find-version-flash-player.html ] and if you see an animation playing, FlashPlayer is enabled.
If you donít see an animation playing, then FlashPlayer is either not enabled or not installed.
You can check to see if it's installed on your computer and enable it simply by following the instructions below. Otherwise if you need to install the correct FlashPlayer add-on use this trusted link and follow the easy steps

To enable FlashPlayer on IE    Internet explorer icon
On your menu bar click on Tools (alternatively you can click on the tools icon that looks like a cog wheel at the top left of the page)
In the drop-down menu which appears, click Manage Add-Ons
On the drop down tab Show: depending on your IE version select "Add-ons currently loaded in Internet Explorer" (for early versions) or "All add-ons" (for later versions) and under the Add-on types heading highlight "Toolbars and Extensions" In the list of "Add-ons", look for "Shockwave Flash Object" Ė which is another name for FlashPlayer.
Under the "Status column", Shockwave Flash Object should be showing as "Disabled".
Click on the row for Shockwave Flash Object to highlight it. For early versions of IE check the "Enable" radio button or for the later versions click the "Enable" button Click "OK" (early versions) or "Close" (later versions) in the "Manage Add-ons" window. Click Refresh to reload the webpage. If you see the animation playing this time, then FlashPlayer has been successfully enabled.

To enable FlashPlayer on MOZILLA FIREFOX    Firefox icon
On your menu bar click on Tools
In the drop-down menu which appears, click Add-Ons
On the Add-Ons Manager page highlight Plugins and scroll down until you find Shockwave Flash Click on the Enable button and close page.
If Flashplayer is not on the Add-Ons Manager page you can download it by following the instructions below.

Download FlashPlayer on a PC using Firefox:
1. Go into Tools and click Add-ons
2. Disable Adobe Acrobat
3. Click here and download Adobe FlashPlayer
4. Close Firefox completely and re-open again
5. Install Adobe FlashPlayer normally
6. Go into Firefox and repeat steps 1 and 2 - this time Enable Adobe Acrobat.
Adobe FlashPlayer should now work.

To enable FlashPlayer on SAFARI    Safari icon
On your menu bar click on Edit
In the drop-down menu which appears, click Preferences
On the page select the Security tab.
Tick the checkbox alongside Enable Plugins Close the page

To enable FlashPlayer on OPERA    Opera icon
On your menu bar click on Tools
In the drop-down menu which appears, click Advanced
On the sub-menu select Plug-Ins
Plug-Ins page will open and tick the checkbox Enable Plug-ins at the top of the page.
Scroll down until you see Shockwave flash and click the Enable button Close the page and you are ready for next time.

To enable FlashPlayer on GOOGLE CHROME    Google chrome icon
These instructions apply to Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.
Type the words chrome:plugins in the address bar to open the Plug-ins page.
On the Plug-ins page that appears, find the "Flash" listing.
To enable Adobe FlashPlayer, click the Enable link under its name.
To disable Adobe FlashPlayer completely, click the Disable link under its name.

Note: If you've previously installed Adobe FlashPlayer separately, you'll see two files listed for the plug-in.
If both are listed as enabled, the version bundled with Chrome will be used.
To enable a specific version of Adobe Flash Player, click Details in the upper-right corner of the page.
Then click the Enable link for the version of Adobe Flash Player you want to enable.

The table below shows the filename for the version that is integrated with Google Chrome.

Platform    Adobe Flash Player plug-in  
      integrated with Chrome
System plug-in
Windows pepflashplayer.dll NPSWF32.dll
Mac PepperFlashPlayer.plugin Flash Player.plugin
Linux libpepflashplayer.so libflashplayer.so
Chrome OS libpepflashplayer.so libpepflashplayer.so